Veterinary Services

Preventative Health Care

At Sunrise Animal Hospital in Titusville, Florida, each pet is individually evaluated and Dr. Ely will make vaccination, wellness laboratory testing, and parasite control recommendations based on your pet’s specific needs.

Dr. Ely appreciates that your pet may not need everything offered in “wellness packages” and will work with you to tailor your pet’s care to its own specific needs. This gives your pet more individualized and economical preventive health care plan. With proper preventive health care your pet is less likely to develop diseases that can be expensive to treat.

Medical Treatment

When diagnosis requires testing, Dr. Ely has access to in-house laboratory and radiology at Sunrise Animal Hospital for quick diagnosis and treatment of most common illnesses. When more extensive testing is required, Dr. Ely trusts Idexx Diagnostics to provide timely results.

For those more complicated cases, Dr. Ely is a member of The Veterinary Information Network and consults with specialists through this online service. When cases require specialty treatment Dr. Ely works with the trusted referral practices in this area.

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Digital Radiology

General Wellness Exams

Nutritional Counseling


Soft Tissue Surgery
(Spays, Neuters)

Therapeutic Laser Therapy (NEW!)

In-House Laboratory